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As more and more people are employed in offices and contact centres, there is a growing risk of exposure to dangerous noise levels. Though there are regulations in place that deal with noise exposure, they are not always understood and correctly enforced in offices where headsets are used.

Make sure you keep your headset users safe. Everything you need to know about the regulations and risks is explained in our Noise At Work paper.

Read the “Noise At Work” paper

There are several devices on the market to protect headset users from acoustic shock and ensure compliance with EU regulations. Here are a selection of the best:Protecting your headset users

Polaris Soundshield – The ultimate all round protection. Soundshield removes unwanted noise from a call without affecting the voice communication by analysing and eliminating only ‘offensive’ sound frequencies. In this way call clarity is maintained and headset users safeguarded. Noise exposure data can also be downloaded to demonstrate legislative compliance.

Plantronics DM15E – A digital amplifier that uses Plantronics’ SoundGuard Digital technology to filter sudden noise spikes and monitor daily sound exposure.

Jabra Link 850 – Using Digital Signal Processing the Jabra Link 850 removes hiss, buzz and other background artefacts from calls as well as automatically adjusting calls to a consistent volume.


While stocks last you can pick up the Jabra GN9330e for only £99 ex VAT (normally £179.63).

The Jabra GN9330e lets you escape from your desk. It frees you from the limitations of your conventional telephone handset, providing you with hands-free convenience and freedom of movement.  With all-day comfort and superb sound clarity there has never been a better time to revolutionize the way you work.

  • 9 Hour Battery Life
  • 100m Range
  • Weighs Just 26 Grams
  • Noise Cancelling Microphone
  • 2 wearing styles (Ear hook or Headband)

If you have any questions, would like to discuss your communications requirements or get a quote, then please call our team on 0844 477 1622 or emails us

Jabra 9330 End Of Life Information

The hugely popular Jabra GN9300 Series is being discontinued at the end of the year. Here’s all the details on servicing, support and it’s replacement models.

With an increased focus on acoustic safety and comfort in the workplace, Contact Centre and Workplace Safety Managers need to effectively and consistently monitor the noise levels that their contact centre agents’ are exposed to through their headsets.

The Soundshield 4G runs noise exposure software called Soundstat. This software enables the capture of noise data, its analysis and reporting in a user friendly way.

This benefits long-term hearing health and if an acoustic incident takes place, managers are equipped to investigate the event by easily reviewing the captured noise data.

Soundstat software runs on a PC and is captured by every Soundshield device. The data can easily be converted into graphs that display:
Dosimety example for website

-date and time
-noise exposure levels
-potential acoustic incidents
-input source
-output more
-individual user information

We love this poems on headsets! Maybe its time for you to get a new headset?

This headset doesn’t fit quite right,
The wire is tangled; the spring’s too tight.

The speaker’s screaming in my right ear,
Making it hard to say what I hear.

Making it hard to say what I write,
Tying my ears down good and tight.

Straitjacketed by this little mike,
I know what a schizophrenic’s life is like.

Hearing little voices inside my head,
A little voices repeating what I just said.

Am I crazy? My thoughts are about shot.
This little headset’s got my mind in a knot.

This serial killer has got to go,
Become a milquetoast average Joe.
You could say my head’s not screwed on right,
Time for a headset that’s not so tight.

A new point of view that’s out of sight.
Straight from one that’s wrapped too tight.

How can I get a new point of view?
Trade in this headset for an array mike that’s new!

Wireless technology represents the future of computer and internet connectivity.  A wireless network transmits information by radio and microwave signals. Other than the fairly obvious advantage of not having to faff around with cables there are numerous other advantages that wireless technology holds. Lets take a look at 4 wireless devices that can help you be more efficient, productive and connected.

Wireless Headsets:


If you work in an environment where you continuously take and make calls, such as a call centre, then being tied to your desk can be very frustrating. What’s more, it is unhealthy for you. By adopting a wireless headset, you aren’t stuck in the same position all day. You can get up, stretch your legs, move about and this not only gives you a bit of exercise, but it relieves the strain of the day. Wireless headsets increase production and create better time efficiency on each call because you will be able to look up the information you need while still on the call. Thus, a wireless headset will improve your satisfaction, as well as that of customers.

Wireless Acoustic Shock protection:

Soundshield wireless picture

If you are using a wireless headset on a regular basis it is vital that you protect yourself from Acoustic Shock and other possible hearing damage. The Soundshield Wireless is unique in this aspect. Offering you a wireless headset which comes with its previously mentioned benefits, the Soundshield device intelligently analyses sounds before they reach the ear of the headset user and removes any loud and high pitched sounds. This provides you with reassurance and comfort.

Wireless Keyboard and mouse:


Wireless keyboards and mice are a key player in improving office ergonomics. The lack of cables and wires helps you maintain the required distance between the screen and the seating. When the PC is not being used, these devices can easily be removed to supply more space. Furthermore, if you are a flexible worker, wireless keyboards and mice allow you to use them on more than one PC saving you space and money.

Wireless Printer:

When looking into the benefits of a wireless printer the lack of cables plays an important role. While a wired printer has limited placement options as it needs to be sat near a plug, a wireless printer has no such limitations. If office space is scarce then this is particularly attractive. Mobile printing is another great benefit as many wireless printers can be connected with any smartphone or tablet within the network. So if a meeting runs over, the weekly status report can quickly be printed on a different device.

Sennheiser and Communications Solutions UK helped set up 60+ DW office headsets for Sovereign Housing yesterday. Steve Bailey, one of Sennheiser’s product specialists was around all day to present the DW Office wireless DECT headset. Together with Julie Watling from Communications Solutions UK, everyone was taught about the various buttons on the headsets; from volume adjustment, to the mute button, to the multi-function button. After having endless fun with the mute button and Steve’s amusing angry customer impressions, the staff learnt how to use the training and supervisor features.


With numerous headsets to try on everyone agreed on the wearing comfort. Staff was advised not to accidently leave the building wearing it. It has been known to happen!

The DW Office had plenty of time showing off throughout the day; particularly the multi-function button, which showcased the headsets intelligence. Knowing when to change the action of the button according to the situation is quite impressive!

One of the many headphones that were given away!

One of the many headphones that were given away!We had great Sennheiser give aways to make the transition a fun event!

The day included great Sennheiser giveaways and lots of delicious chocolates. Staff was entered into a raffle to win the stylish Sennheiser HD700 headphones or tickets to the David Bowie exhibition at the Victoria and Albert museum in London. Several sport earphones were also up for grabs.

To learn more about the DW Office headset just copy and paste this link into a new window: